A Flag for Sunrise

Robert Stone

27 March 2014
416 pages


A Flag for Sunrise is a novel of Americans drawn into the maelstrom of Tecan, a small Central American country on the brink of revolution. At a mission on the coast a priest is lapsing into alcoholic mysticism, while a young American nun is veering towards commitment to the cause. In a bar in Brooklyn, Frank Holliwell is lunching with an old CIA friend who is begging for a favour. On the Tex–Mex border, Pablo, a Coast Guard deserter, loco on speed, is about to take a job carrying mysterious contraband to Tecan. As these lives converge, as this small, crowded world erupts, the novel builds to an electrifying climax.
‘Destined to be one of the books that will justify our time at the bar of literary history’ New Republic
‘Hold on to your tricorn hat, or your cruciform, or your Uzi . . . Mr Stone kicks the brain around; we live in heresy; Satan prevails. A Flag for Sunrise is the best novel I’ve read since Dostoevsky escaped from Omsk’ New York Times
‘An ambitious adventure story about modern imperialism and modern morality . . . an action novel well garnished with scraps of wisdom and observation; Graham Greene and Hemingway are this book’s tutelary gods’ Sunday Times