Out on 21 March 2024

Wild Flowers

Roger Phillips

21 March 2024
208 pages


Beautifully photographed in full colour, Wild Flowers: of Britain and Ireland provides expert guidance to help you recognise and understand over 1,000 species found across our forests, parks and gardens. The perfect guide for any enthusiast of the natural world, from the acclaimed and award-winning photographer and botanist Roger Phillips.

From woodlands and meadows to hedgerows and your own garden, this book enables you to identify all the wild flowers found on the British Isles. The plants are arranged month-by-month, in order of flowering, and by turning the pages through the book you journey through the year.

Wild Flowers also draws on Roger's extensive expertise to provide fascinating details, including habitat, rarity, the distribution of each plant, the height, flowering period, and backgrounds both medical or historical. With both English and botanical names and an index for ease of navigation, this is a comprehensive and essential photographic guide to the floral beauty hidden across this land.