Book cover for Burn Our Bodies Down

Burn Our Bodies Down

Age 12 +



07 January 2021
352 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


Wow this was amazing. Rory Power does it again! Burn Our Bodies Down is a masterpiece: an incredible and unnerving mystery that will creep up on you, twisty and labyrinthine, like the eerie cornfields of its setting.
Rory Power’s prose hits like a lightning strike in this deliriously creepy tale, the kind of slow-crawling horror that’ll keep your nightmares up at night.
With this bloodcurdling blend of agriculture, advanced genetics, and interpersonal turmoil, Rory Power reminds us that seemingly disparate things in life can come together in horrifying ways. I will keep a candle lit after this one.
Gritty and strange . . . utterly compelling.