Where the Truth Lies

Rosemary Ingham

18 October 2011
272 pages


At forty, Isabel has finally given up on her cheating husband. She’s a single parent with two teenage children and a tough job running a London comprehensive school. Tougher still for a woman, in 1981. Especially as her predecessor Will Fullwood remains the school’s hero. His natural successor was his Deputy, the irresistible Max Truman, who kept the school going during Will’s last illness. So how come the Governors appointed a woman? Staff loyalties are with Max but Second Deputy Jack Redfern is definitely on Isabel’s side. Within weeks he’s in her bed as well . . .

Max claims to be her loyal supporter and she wants to believe him, yet her suspicions grow. Until she can prove his guilt, Max is officially innocent. But suppose, just suppose, he is innocent? Maybe Isabel has invented it all to discredit her rival. A paedophile at large? Or an innocent man hounded by groundless accusations? How can anyone ever be certain?