Book cover for Why We Build

Why We Build



25 April 2013
432 pages
Imprint: Picador


‘A refreshingly humane and lucid book from one of our most intelligent architecture critics’ Daily Telegraph
‘Vivid and witty . . . it’s a book about what happens when other non-architectural matter – capital, sex, family life, the caprices of function – barges into a discipline that sometimes likes to think of itself as pure’ Guardian

‘Architecture critic for the Observer, Rowan Moore, has written a fantastic book which is well worth reading for anyone interested in architecture.’

Sir Paul Smith

‘Moore has a lot to offer those who like verbal flexibility and thought-provoking aphorisms. There is also a sense of mischief . . . if famous architects were a coconut shy, Moore would go home with the giant teddy . . . Elegant and witty, with a sometimes 18th-century sensuality, this is a hard-hitting book with great panache.’

Sunday Telegraph