Off The Leash: It's a Dog's Life

Rupert Fawcett

Age 12 +
08 October 2015
160 pages


Rupert Fawcett continues his hilarious observations of man's best friend in Off the Leash: It's A Dog's Life.

In this third installment of Off the Leash, cartoons celebrate the wonderful and unique world of a dog. From the gloriously cheeky pooches who steal all the sofa space, outsmart our cats, and have us wrapped us around their little paws, to the adoring four-legged friends who want nothing more than our complete and undivided attention. Featuring dogs of every size, shape and breed, these cartoons delightfully capture the glorious relationships between dogs and their owners.

With a hugely popular following on Facebook, Off the Leash has developed a regular daily following of more than half a million people from around the world.