E-FORCE: Aftershock

Sam Fisher

27 March 2014
416 pages


Crisis: Crippled Underwater Hotel in Pacific Ocean

Situation: Critical

Solution: E-Force

For billionaire Michael Xavier, the completion of the Neptune Hotel off Fiji is the fulfilment of a childhood dream and adult obsession -- to build a visionary five-star resort deep on the ocean floor.

However on Grand Opening night the unthinkable happens. A series of massive earth tremors destroys the hotel and leaves a handful of survivors, including Xavier himself, attempting the impossible -- to escape from a crumbling building 100 metres underwater.

Within seconds of the disaster, the crack E-Force rescue team is briefed, mobilised and en route to Fiji. But the situation is far more dangerous than they could ever know.

For this is no natural disaster. There is a very real enemy at work -- and his plans threaten the entire world . . .