Sangeeta Bahadur

30 July 2015
100 pages


Set in a world that reflects post-Vedic India, Vikraal takes up where Jaal, the first book of the Kaal Trilogy, ends. The lingering bars of the six-millennia-old Prison of Dreams are disintegrating around Aushij, the Sleeping God, making him increasingly aware of Arihant, his designated Foe. Half a year after his incredible metamorphosis in the Vakrini's Mind-City, Arihant is now on an unpredictable journey that takes him further on the road to becoming the ultimate warrior. Unexpected truths assail him at every turn - the searing fact of his own identity; the soaring joy of true love; the shock of his unforeseen vulnerability and, ultimately, the discovery and acceptance of his true self and purpose in the realm of the cosmic enigma whom some call the Oracle, and who calls itself Kaal - the governor of the universe.

The intricate weave of conflicts and discoveries propels the protagonists towards an explosive climax that alters the very course of the Cosmic Game. This roaring adventure blends seamlessly with India's metaphysical traditions, creating a thrilling tale of action-packed mysticism.