Out on 11 April 2024

Mind Your Manners

Sara Jane Ho

11 April 2024
450 pages


Founder of a global etiquette school and star of her own Netflix series, Mind Your Manners, Sara Jane Ho teaches readers how to thrive socially in a variety of situations, in person and online.

Structured around five main 'microcultures' – Friendship and Social Life, Family Ties, Career-ing, Dating & Relationships, Food & Travel – Mind Your Manners reveals the subtle differences in expectation within each, and how to read the situation you find yourself in with ease and confidence so that you may respond appropriately.

In Sara Jane's brilliant hands, etiquette becomes fresh, dynamic, and situation-specific, rather than strict and unforgiving. Sara Jane’s etiquette is contextual etiquette. Transcending old notions of manners entirely, it is nothing less than the art and science of interacting with others.