Book cover for An Ocean Apart

An Ocean Apart



18 August 2022
336 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


This is a really clever novel . A beautiful story of friendship, new beginnings and love, which entices you in with characters you immediately care about. It's a love letter to the women who left behind everything to help heal our country and establish the NHS. At its heart, it's a story of courage! I could not have loved this more and thought about it long after I turned the last page.
A glorious triumph of a book full of characters that feel like real friends, so atmospheric, compelling and nostalgic, I adored it.
Sarah Lee never shies away from weightier themes that add layers of depth. Identity and how we present ourselves to others, race, trauma, secrets and relationships of many kinds weave through the story too. With romance, realism and just a touch of humour, An Ocean Apart is billed as a must for fans of Call the Midwife.
An uplifting yet thought-provoking story of friendship, loyalty and care for others and a wonderful tribute to a group of people who brought so much to the UK.