One Night Only

Saumyaa Vohra

08 May 2023
288 pages


‘A fun sex-positive romp’ Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

‘A provocative read’ Shunali Khullar Shroff

When Rubani’s long-term boyfriend dumps her and moves out, her three best friends make a decision: It’s about time the serial monogamist had her first one-night stand.

In a snap, Natasha, Saira and Faiza revive a languishing plan to take a trip to Goa. Over the course of their holiday, the four girls drink, dance and karaoke, even as they nurse old wounds, kindle new romances and discover metamorphic truths about each other – and themselves.

It’s a vacation with all the fixings of a quintessential girls’ trip – emotional drama, secrets unveiled, bonds strengthened – as each friend recounts the one-night stand that changed her life. Amidst swapping stories, Natasha has a mysterious midnight tryst, Saira meets a man who makes her question her disdain for commitment, and Faiza discovers that her ex still gives her butterflies. Rubani, with a mission yet to be accomplished, finds her interest piqued by a girl who’s exactly her type – and a man who isn’t. Now the holiday is drawing to a close and she must make her choice: to be or not to be wild as the Goan winds.

Zany, pacy, soulful and fun, One Night Only is as much an ode to desire and sexuality as it is a celebration of female friendship in all its turbulence and splendour.