Basher Science Mini: Green Technology

Tom Jackson

Illustrated by Simon Basher

Ages 9 to 11
17 March 2022
64 pages


Climate change is here right now and the superheroes of the Green Tech world want to do something about it. Let's meet them!

Tidal Lagoon, Smart Grid and Carbon Capture are just three of the amazing technologies coming to the rescue. They will find sustainable ways to create, use and store energy. They will show us how to clean up our air and our oceans. And they will help us to put Nature first. Why, even now, Solar Panel, Wind Turbine and Geothermal Power are hard at work to make polluting fossil fuels a thing of the past.

Perfect for home or school, Basher's highly original books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide. They make difficult concepts tangible, understandable and even lovable. Chatty first-person text and stylish, contemporary character illustrations give a voice, personality and story to each topic – a brilliant way to communicate science.