Out on 11 April 2024

The Man Who Saved Britain

Simon Winder

11 April 2024
840 pages


Award-winning author Simon Winder takes us through the legacy of one of Britain's most influential and enduring cultural figures, James Bond.

'An entertaining romp through the literary and cinematic heartland of James Bond country' – Sunday Times
'A hilarious blend of cultural history, biography and memoir' – Guardian

After victory in World War II, Britain was a relieved but also a profoundly traumatized country. Simon Winder, born into this nation of uncertain identity, fell in love (as many before and since) with the man created as the antidote, a quintessentially British figure of great cultural significance: James Bond.

Written with passion, wit and a great deal of personal insight and affection, this book is his wildly amusing attempt to get to grips with Bond’s legacy and the difficult decades in which it really mattered.

'Read-aloud funny' – Independent on Sunday
'Superb' – Wall Street Journal

One of the oddest books I have ever read . . . a very funny writer, as well as an incisive one
A superb book
Witty and intelligent