Out on 25 September 2025

Everyday STEM Science – The Living World

Catherine Brereton

Illustrated by Ste Johnson

Ages 9 to 11
25 September 2025
48 pages


Discover how science affects our daily lives with Everyday STEM Science—The Living World, filled with discoveries, science stories, and experiments to try at home!

From the tiniest cell in the human body to Earth’s largest habitats and ecosystems, explore the incredible science behind animals, plants, and other living things. Read the amazing stories of how scientists used algorithms to map the human genome and how math can help researchers to study animals in the wild. Plus, meet the botanists and zoologists whose discoveries are changing the natural world for the better. Then put your science skills to the test with the cool at-home experiments, including studying the minibeasts in your backyard and creating your own species classification key.

With easy-to-understand text written by science communicator Tom Jackson, and lots of colorful artworks, photos, and diagrams, readers can best explore where we encounter STEM in the living world and why it’s even important at all.

The Everyday STEM series makes science relevant to tweens. Instead of telling kids STEM is important and is the key to their future success, these books show readers how we use science, technology, engineering, and math in our everyday lives. While the topics sound high-level and complex, this series makes these concepts age-appropriate and accessible. So, while we can’t promise to teach 9 to 11-year-olds quantum physics, we can explain in the simplest terms the practical applications of STEM.