Out on 23 May 2024

You're Not 'Fat', You're On Fire

Stephen Perrine

23 May 2024
600 pages


Are you looking for easy, sustainable weight loss for life?

Using the latest scientific research, journalist and bestselling author Stephen Perrine reveals how.

In his revolutionary Full-Body Fat Fix program, Perrine explains simply and clearly how chronic inflammation and an unhealthy microbiome are the underlying causes of weight gain, and how classic weight-loss strategies – like cutting calories, eliminating certain foods or only eating during specific times – can actually undermine our goals for leaner, healthier bodies.

By using the 7-Day Challenge to track and maximize your dietary goals, you’ll soon find yourself eating the recommended 30 different plants per week – and to make it even easier, dozens of recipes are included, each one as enticing as the next. Or try the ‘Fire-Fightin’ Five’ – a brilliant combination of 5 meals and snacks to help heal your gut and cool inflammation in the most delicious way possible.

You’re Not Fat, You’re on Fire will give you all the science and strategies you need to understand the problem, extinguish the flames, feel great and, yes, lose weight too.