Out on 19 September 2024

Bird Bath

Steve Antony

Illustrated by Steve Antony

Ages 2 to 5
19 September 2024
32 pages


Meet four mucky birds in need of a bath! They’ve got soap, shampoo and a big bottle of bubble bath, but can they be trusted not to use it all? And will they keep the water inside the tub? No, probably not, but at least they’ll be squeaky clean!

The real trouble is, when bath time is this much fun, absolutely EVERYONE wants to get in!

A second title in his new, young, character-led picture book series exploring key childhood moments and milestones. Fresh, funny and utterly relatable, with a playful text that will delight young and old . An exciting and energetic new addition to a stand-out series from the award-winning author/illustrator, Steve Antony, creator of Please Mr Panda.

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