The Abominable Snow Penguin

Steve Hartley

Illustrated by Bernice Lum

Ages 6-8
27 February 2014
208 pages


Hi! I’m Oliver Tibbs (some people call me 'Oliver Fibbs') and sometimes my life gets a little DAB - Dull And Boring. So from time to time I 'get creative' with the truth at Show and Tell. Although I honestly am a Defender of Planet Earth, just like Agent Q in my favourite comics, and right now my uncle, the world-famous explorer, Sir Randolph, is lost in the Antarctic and it’s up to me to find him. Plus a new ice age is about to freeze the Earth unless I find a way to stop it – there are evil snow beasts on the loose and – OK, maybe I’m exaggerating . . .

But as I keep telling everyone, THEY’RE NOT FIBS, THEY’RE STORIES!