Full Disclosure

Stormy Daniels

13 June 2019
288 pages



'Make no mistake, Full Disclosure is a story for our times' – Guardian

‘Funny, candid, mischievous . . . and unapologetic’ – Telegraph

On 6 March 2018 Stormy Daniels filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump over a nondisclosure agreement negotiated before the election but never signed. Refusing to be silenced, she bravely stepped up to tell the truth about her encounter with Trump. But how did she become the woman willing to take on a president?

In this book, Stormy tells her whole story for the first time: what it's like to be a leading actress and director in the adult film business, the full truth about her journey from a rough childhood in Louisiana onto the national stage, and everything about her interaction with Donald Trump that led to the nondisclosure agreement and the behind-the-scenes attempts to intimidate her.

Stormy is witty, warm, and impassioned by turns. As you read her hugely entertaining book, you’ll be rooting for her every step of the way.

Daniel's book, like her, is funny, candid, mischievous, unfiltered... and unapologetic.
Blunt, funny and authentic. She is all the things women are not supposed to be. And yet you like her - not in spite of her rule-breaking but for it. Perhaps more important, when you read her story, you believe her.
Make no mistake, Full Disclosure is a story for our times... Daniels is one person with an unvarnished narrative