Sue Hendra

Paul Linnet

Ages 3 to 6
05 March 2020
32 pages


A hilarious picture book about a non-conforming Egg from the bestselling Supertato creators Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

Important note: This book is not like other books. This is a book that even the smallest children can read. This is a book which will stretch your imagination, celebrate difference and fire up your storytelling brain. This is a book with just one word . . . Egg.

When an odd egg turns up with a big head and a pointy bottom, the other eggs don't know what to make of it. Can they make the odd egg conform to Normal Egg Standards? The other eggs try turning it upside down, and even make it wear a hat on its bottom to show which side is 'up', but it takes the clever upside-down egg to show them that eggs can be any way up and still be eggs.

Perfect for Easter, or any time of the year, children will love telling the story themselves, looking at the pictures and using different voices for the various 'egg's. Plus the egg-shaped format adds to the eggy fun!

A picture book using just one word (‘egg’) is a tricky challenge, but like Ed Vere’s Banana! picture book supremos Hendra and Linnet pull off this story about acceptance, difference and belonging with style. Like all of their picture books, the characters are hilariously expressive, and peril is always dealt with in the most ingenious way. Egg is a really clever, funny story you can have lots of fun reading together
The illustrations are bright and bold, and the eggs’ faces are full of expression. Children will delight at the humour and fun in the pictures. The simplicity of the book gave my four-year-old pre-school son the confidence to read the story aloud himself. I found him sharing the book with his friends, happily telling them the story as he turned the pages. It was a very proud mommy moment! Egg skilfully delivers a powerful and important message to young children about acceptance in a fun and accessible way
An eggcellent Easter read with a great moral