Book cover for The Missing Person's Guide to Love

The Missing Person's Guide to Love



04 July 2008
288 pages
Imprint: Picador


‘Anyone familiar with Jones’s two previous books will know that, in her deliciously disorientating fictional worlds, nothing is ever quite as it seems… Jones is a mistress of disguise, not just in her characterization and plotting, but in her blurring of the divisions between right and wrong. Hers isn’t quite the deliberate amorality of Patricia Highsmith, but she similarly denies us any easy options when it comes to taking sides for or against her protagonists. With Isabel, in The Missing Person’s Guide to Love, Jones has fashioned her most complex, involving heroine yet and by far her most audacious sleight of hand in terms of a storyteller. To call it a twist would be to devalue what is really a hidden undercurrent of the whole narrative; nevertheless the revelation, when it comes, is breathtaking’ Literary Review

‘Exquisitely written yet utterly chilling, this will keep you gripped from start to finish: a potential book-group classic’ Elle

‘An intriguing tale… An engrossing read, and one that’s quite mysterious at times, this is a book that you won’t be able to put down’ Easy Living

‘Mesmerising mystery… Disturbing and intriguing’ Woman & Home