Pages for You

Sylvia Brownrigg

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29 June 2017
288 pages


‘A love letter written for a lost lover . . . mesmerizing’ Helen Dunmore, The Times

When Flannery Jansen arrives at university, she is totally unprepared for an encounter that will rock her existence. But when she comes across Anne Arden in a local diner, Flannery falls dramatically and desperately in love. Flannery is quickly embarrassed in the face of the older woman’s poise and sophistication, and under the gaze of those impossible green eyes, but slowly their paths intertwine, and soon Flannery becomes Anne’s eager student in life and love.

Pages for You is the story of the beginning, blossoming and falling apart of that delirious love affair.

A love letter written for a lost lover . . . mesmerizing

The Times

Candid, fresh and vivid

Sunday Telegraph

Bathed in a joyful, cloistered mood of sensual celebration

New York Times