Nobody Cared

Terrie O'Brian

05 July 2012
336 pages


All Terrie ever wanted was to be part of a normal family. Instead, her earliest memories are of her father abusing her. But when he died and her mother's mental illness made it impossible for her to care for her daughter, Terrie went to live with a family friend. Things seemed perfect at first, but the biggest betrayal was yet to come.

Her babysitter, a man in his thirties, knew exactly how to exploit Terrie's need for kindness. Pushed into sleeping with him from the age of ten, it wasn't long before Terrie fell pregnant and was forced to have an abortion. Frightened into continuing the relationship with this manipulative paedophile, she fell pregnant again at thirteen. Desperately wanting to have someone to love, she decided to keep her baby, but sadly she was too young to cope on her own and, heartbroken, she gave her little girl up for adoption. Over the years she had begged social services for help but they had failed to protect her from this evil man. But eventually, at the age of sixteen, her life changed forever when she found the courage to go to the police ...

Written with total honesty, this is the inspiring story of a remarkable young woman who not only fought for justice but who found the strength to break free from her abusive past, to marry and create a happy, loving family of her own.