Christina Najjar, popularly known as Tinx, is a lifestyle creator, advice expert and podcast host. Tinx’s wit and candour have established her as a resounding voice for women, with her uniquely engaging and empathetic approach to content resonating with millions. From her satirical ‘Rich Mom’ content and takes on pop culture, to her theories on sex, dating and relationships, and her honest reviews and recommendations of everything from food and restaurants to beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, Tinx possesses an effortless ability to capture the cultural zeitgeist. Tinx has cultivated a devoted fanbase of those who come for her expert advice, often given with her famous mini mic in hand, and to have a great laugh at the same time. Tinx is the host of podcast and live call-in radio show, It’s Me, Tinx, sharing everything her followers have come to know and love about her content while offering an intimate glimpse into her life. Tinx’s undeniable impact on social media earned her the distinction as one of Forbes’ Top Creators of 2022.

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