Exploding Beetles and Inflatable Fish

Tracey Turner

Illustrated by Andrew Wightman

Ages 8 to 11
13 May 2021
96 pages


Enter the hilarious world of Sam Quigley, the strange-fact-obsessed owner of two stick insects called Twiggy and Wiggy in Exploding Beetles and Inflatable Fish.

Sam really likes interesting facts, the kind that will make you shout "Wow! I never knew that". Things like:
- Woodlice don't wee – instead a smelly gas comes wafting out of their shells
- There is a fish with a stomach so stretchy it can swallow things twice as big as itself
- Bombardier beetles can explode like toxic water pistols!

Written by Tracey Turner, this STEM-focused book is packed with incredible facts and stats about the world’s weirdest animals. With a narrative that will have readers hooked, plus cool cartoon-style illustrations by Andrew Wightman, it’s a perfect book for fact fans, animal lovers and reluctant readers alike.

Packed full of weird and wonderful facts about the animal kingdom, (including animals who eat their own poo and beetles that explode like toxic water pistols), my six-year-old was completely fascinated and couldn’t put it down!