Out on 29 October 2020

This Is Our World

Tracey Turner

Illustrated by Asa Gilland
Ages 5-9
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29 October 2020
0 pages

A richly illustrated, informative, and entertaining book about the ways that young people and their families live around the world. It reveals the animals, plants, and weather conditions that the inhabitants encounter, and introduces readers to a world of fascinating customs. Each of the 20 location spreads focuses on one place and one individual to give a strong sense of personality and place.

Locations are:
Sundarbans (Bangladesh/India); Amazon rainforest; Arctic Circle – Norway; New York City; rock houses of Cappadocia, Turkey; South Pacific island; African savanna; rural Japan; Venice; Sahara desert; Siberian tundra; Alaskan wilderness; Mongolian plains; mud-brick city of Djenné, Mali; Australia’s Red Centre; floating village, Cambodia; Andes mountains, Bolivia; Beijing; Outer Hebrides/Shetland Islands, UK; Supai village, Arizona, USA