Out on 18 July 2024

Cross Bones

Tracy Whitwell

18 July 2024
272 pages


There’s a queue at her door, and not all of them are living . . .

When Tanz, the accidental medium, is asked to help in the search for a missing woman, she finds herself at the Cross Bones Graveyard in London’s Southwark. From the outset it’s obvious there is unrest among the spirits who call this place their home, and now Tanz is right in the middle of it. What’s more, she now finds her ‘so-called gift’ is even stronger than it was and the dead really want to talk! Couple this with performing a play that could wreck her acting career for good, and a growing attraction to a police officer who happens to be a lot younger than her, and life is very complicated. But when the dead become restless Tanz can’t ignore them, and a mystery needs solving. So is she strong enough to come out the other side?

Cross Bones is the third book in a hilarious series featuring Tanz, the accidental medium who, with the help of the dead, has become an unwilling crime-solver.

Compelling, wasp-tongued and very funny
Spooky and hilarious and brimming with oddball characters, I love this book!
I loved The Accidental Medium. A hilarious journey into a ghostly world of psychics and the like that’s guaranteed to put you in high spirits. I’m no clairvoyant, but trust me, this medium is about to go large!