Book cover for Big Cats (A Day in the Life)

Big Cats (A Day in the Life)

Ages 5 to 8



05 April 2022
48 pages
Imprint: Neon Squid


"Ideal for 5+ fans of Owen Davey’s wildlife books"
"Prabhat’s graceful art makes vivid use of colour as it depicts cats in moments of intense action... A carefully constructed, absolutely engaging primer on fierce cats in the wild." STARRED REVIEW
"It’s one of those books where you keep thinking to yourself, “Oh, I didn’t know that!” The book will also make people want to do more to save big cats and their habitats."

Praise for the A Day in the Life series:

"From action scenes to tidbits of intriguing information to paragraphs of explanation, the text has plenty to offer animal lovers. Varied in layout, these fully illustrated books feature vibrant, stylized artwork with distinctive palettes. An attractive series for kids intrigued by animals in the wild."