Yashraj Goswami

27 July 2023
216 pages


‘I just loved Cockatoo! I loved how nearly each story ends in a twist ending. I loved how this book is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Yashraj Goswami skilfully gives words to unspoken desires and demands to conform. I highly recommend it’ HANSDA SOWVENDRA SHEKHAR, author of The Adivasi Will Not Dance

Unforeseen encounters. Blurred friendships. Teetering marriages. Twelve captivating stories bound by an unwavering desire for liberation.

An unnamed young man trapped within his own existence yearns to escape his plights. Neera, a woman who is getting on in years, embarks upon an unexpected ride down memory lane, sparked by the lively ramblings of her cab driver. The hazy lines between love and friendship perplex Rishabh, an engineering student, catapulting him towards a life-altering decision ahead of a college debate. Samar and Angai, two twentysomething men connected through a dating website, struggle to make sense of their uncertain desires.

Within Cockatoo, these interweaving narratives fearlessly plumb the depths of the human condition. Its characters find themselves at critical crossroads, consumed by an insatiable need to be freed from their deepest fears and stifling inhibitions even as they navigate the intricate complexities of love, loss and longing.