How Winston Delivered Christmas is a beautifully illustrated festive story told in twenty-four-and-a-half chapters, one for every day of advent. Each day includes a festive activity, from writing a letter to Father Christmas to making Christmas cards and mince pies.

Here, author Alex T. Smith shares his love of Christmas and shows us how to get your letter to Father Christmas noticed and make your own wrapping paper, plus we share an exclusive download of the first two chapters of the book along with some fun festive activity sheets. 



I've always loved winter. All those frosty mornings and getting cosy after being outside in the cold. And when December arrives Christmas magic is in the air! 

The busy bustling shops, the glitzy decorations, the waiting and then of course the big day itself!
I got the idea when I was helping my niece and nephews write their letters to Father Christmas and I wondered (with a shiver) what would happen if one of the letters got waylaid? Hopefully there would be some kind of person (or in this case a mouse) to deliver it for us. And what adventures would they have?

Of course Christmas isn't just about the things you buy from the shops. I wanted to write a story about the sorts of things that are free - like bravery and kindness. I hope Winston's Christmas adventure shows you that you are never too tiny to be brave and that little acts of kindness can often make huge differences to other people.

Have a very cosy Christmas and an adventurous New Year!

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Writing your letter to Father Christmas:


How to make snowman wrapping paper:


More wrapping paper ideas:


Click on the envelope to download chapter one:


Click on the envelope to download chapter two:


Make your own pompom robin, perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree!


Click here to download more of Winston's activity sheets, and get into the festive spirit with some Christmas crafts