How to draw Rob Biddulph's new heroine, Peanut Jones

Introduce your child to their next favourite heroine, Peanut Jones, with draw-along videos and an engaging activity pack, including a word search and creative doodling activities.

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Some legends are born, others are drawn. . .  Meet Peanut Jones in an exciting new adventure series for boys and girls. In a series of simple videos perfect for children aged 8+, kids can learn to draw their new favourite characters created by award-winning illustrator Rob Biddulph and journey into the Illustrated City with a free-to-download activity pack.

In March 2020, award-winning author and passionate illustrator Rob Biddulph started #DrawWithRob, a series of twice-weekly draw-along videos designed to help parents whose children were forced to stay home from school due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

#DrawWithRob became an internet sensation, garnering national and international media coverage, and has been used as a learning resource by thousands of families across the globe. 

Now, get ready to be drawn into an adventure with everyone's new favourite heroine, 12-year-old Peanut Jones, whose world is forever changed when she finds a magic pencil turbo-charged with superpowers. Fizzing with magic, danger, friendship and art, Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City is the first title in Rob Biddulph's major new series perfect for young readers!

‘Maybe this pencil is actually a key.’
Peanut Jones

With bright red hair in a messy top knot, big eyes, and her favourite pair of blue dungarees, she’s never far away from something with which to draw. She’s always fizzing with creative ideas and things she wants to doodle.

In these simple and engaging #DrawWithRob videos, suitable for children aged eight and up, kids can learn to draw their new favourite heroine, Peanut Jones, and her canine companion, Doodle! .

Once kids have mastered how to draw Peanut and Doodle, download this free activity pack, suitable for children aged eight and up, and entertain them for hours with a word search, word puzzle, and imaginative doodle and colour in activities that will bring the Illustrated City to life.

‘A wildly imaginative, big-hearted celebration of creativity’
Anna James, bestselling author of the Pages & Co series

Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City

by Rob Biddulph

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Drawing feels like magic to Peanut Jones. But art can't fix her problems. Her dad has gone missing, and she's stuck in a boring new school where the teachers hate her doodling, St Hubert’s School for the Seriously Scientific and Terminally Mathematic. Everything seems bothersome, until the day she finds a magic pencil and is suddenly pulled into a world packed with more colour, creativity, excitement and danger than she could ever have imagined. And maybe, just maybe, she might find out what happened to her dad.

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