Eight reasons to visit a bookshop this weekend

This Saturday is #bookshopday, the celebration of high street bookshops across the UK held annually as part of the Books Are My Bag campaign.

This Saturday is #bookshopday, the celebration of high street bookshops across the UK held annually as part of the Books Are My Bag campaign.


Here’s some very good reasons to show your local bookshop some love this weekend, as if you needed an excuse…

To chat to the friendly, knowledgeable staff

Much chattier and more helpful than an algorithm, bookshop staff like nothing better than helping you find the right book.


To experience the joy of browsing

You never know what you might find and might well leave itching to get started on a book you never knew existed 


To meet bookshop pets

Some bookshops have furry staff as well as human ones. They’re not quite as good at recommending books but they’re much more likely to curl up in a corner and read with you.


For instant gratification

There’s no torturous wait for the postman, you can make a start on your new books right away (sometimes without having to leave the shop - see reason 6).


For the perfect combination of coffee, cake & books 

Some bookshops have cosy cafes so you can make a start on your new purchases right away without worrying about having to break off and go in search of sustenance.


To attend brilliant bookshop events

Over 2,000 bookshops around the country are holding events and bookclubs to celebrate Bookshop Day on 8th October. Find out what’s going on in your area here.

Meet your fellow bookworms

Book people are nice people (it's been scientifically proven) so head down to your local bookshop on Saturday to get to know your local book-loving community.  

To pick up a limited edition Books Are My Bag canvas bag

This year you can get your book-loving mitts on a beautiful collectors’ edition bag designed by award winning designer Coralie Bickford-Smith, known for creating some of the most iconic book jackets of recent years and author of The Fox and the Star, or a children’s bag featuring Winnie-the-Pooh in celebration of the beloved bear’s 90th anniversary. 

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