Which Bennet sister from Pride and Prejudice are you?

Every Pride and Prejudice fan has a favourite Bennet sister, but are you more like witty Elizabeth or headstrong Lydia? Take our quiz and find out.

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Intelligent and strong-willed Elizabeth, caring Jane or bubbly Lydia, every Pride and Prejudice fan has a favourite Bennet sister. But that favourite is rarely Mary, the middle sister and the plainest of them all. In her novel The Other Bennet SisterJanice Hadlow imagines another side to Mary Bennet, who in Austen’s novel is prim, pious and seemingly unlovable. An introvert in a family of extroverts, a disappointment to her mother, fearful of her father, and so different to her sisters – it’s no wonder Mary turns to books for company and education to give her life meaning. But Mary will find that there is hope for her too. Witty and uplifting, the book will make you feel – and cheer – for Mary as you never have before. 

You may have a favourite Bennet sister, but have you ever wondered which sister you most resemble? Take our quiz and find out.