Adultery seems to be a theme that novelists never tire of, and that readers never get bored of reading about. From tragic stories such as Anna Karenina, with its themes of jealousy and betrayal, to feminist novels like The Awakening, which confronted the constraints of gender roles in the late 19th century, books about adultery certainly create controversy and provoke discussion; making them perfect book club picks.







The End of the Affair

Set during the First World War, The End of the Affair is a moving story of love, obsession, betrayal and faith. Maurice Bendrix is writing a novel about a civil servant, and in the name of research befriends Sarah and her civil servant husband. Soon Bendrix and Sarah embark on a tumultuous affair full of jealousy and guilt, and when the affair ends abruptly, Bendrix becomes obsessed with discovering why.


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Days of Abandonment

A blistering novel about a woman spiraling into insanity in the aftermath of her husband leaving her for a younger woman, The Days of Abandonment addresses the emotional effects of adultery as the protagonist Olga finds her life being ripped apart.


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