Cathy Rentzenbrink on A Manual for Heartache

Cathy Rentzenbrink talks about the experience of grief, and shares the advice she would give to her younger self in this video.

When Cathy Rentzenbrink was still a teenager, her happy family was torn apart by an unthinkable tragedy. In her new book, A Manual for Heartache, Cathy describes the experience of coming to terms with loss and a life forever changed and the ways in which she was able to find joy in the world again. This is a warm and uplifting book that offers solidarity and comfort to anyone going through a painful time, whatever it might be.

In this video, Cathy describes the stages of grief and shares the advice she would have given to her younger self.

A Manual for Heartache

Book cover for A Manual for Heartache

In A Manual for Heartache, Cathy Rentzenbrink offers solidarity, comfort and hope to those going through the very hardest seasons of life.