When Oliver Sacks was twelve years old, a perceptive schoolmaster wrote in his report: ‘Sacks will go far, if he does not go too far’. Oliver Sacks's autobiography, On the Move which was published before his death in 2015, makes it abundantly clear that Sacks has never stopped going.

Here are some of our favourite photographs from the book, beginning with his student days at Oxford and going all the way through his phenomenal career as a neurologist and writer.

Oliver Sacks at Oxford ca 1953

Oliver Sacks at Oxford ca 1953 (c) David Drazin

Oliver Sacks with his motorbike 1956
With his motorbike in 1956 (c) Charles Cohen

Oliver Sacks in neuropathology lab
In the neuropathology lab in 1964 (c) Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks at Beth Abraham hospital around 1988
Sacks with a patient at Beth Abraham Hospital around 1988 (c) Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks writing in his journal at Machu Picchu in 2006
Writing in his journal at the top of Machu Picchu in 2006 (c) Kate Edgar

Emerging from Lake Tahoe (c) Marsha Garces Williams

Oliver Sacks writing at Blue Mountain Center 2010
Writing at Blue Mountain Center in 2010 (c) Bill Hayes