Quiz: Which Greek goddess are you?

Queen of the gods Hera, earthy Demeter. . . Where would you sit on Mount Olympus?

Full of fire, fury and devotion, Natalie Haynes brings the divine women of Olympia kicking and screaming into the modern age with her new book, Divine Might. But which one of them do you most identify with?

Divine Might

by Natalie Haynes

Greek goddesses are as mighty, revered and destructive as their male counterparts. Isn’t it time this was properly appreciated? Meet Athene, who sprang fully formed from her father’s head: goddess of war and wisdom, guardian of Athens. Run with Artemis, goddess of hunting and protector of young girls (apart from those she decides she wants as a sacrifice). Reappraise Aphrodite, goddess of sex and desire – there is no deity more determined and able to make you miserable if you annoy her. And bow down to Hera, Zeus’s long-suffering wife, whose jealousy of his dalliances with mortals, nymphs and goddesses lead her to wreak elaborate, vicious revenge on those who have wronged her.