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  1. Book cover for Secrets of the Singer Girls

    Secrets of the Singer Girls

    Kate Thompson

  2. Book cover for The Edge of Dark

    The Edge of Dark

    Pamela Hartshorne

  3. Book cover for Frog Music

    Frog Music

    Emma Donoghue

  4. Book cover for Corsair


    Tim Severin

  5. Book cover for The Black Eyed Blonde

    The Black Eyed Blonde

    Benjamin Black

  6. Book cover for Some Luck

    Some Luck

    Jane Smiley

  7. Book cover for The Investigation

    The Investigation

    Jung-myung Lee

  8. Book cover for Welcome Home

    Welcome Home

    Margaret Dickinson

  9. Book cover for Streets of Laredo

    Streets of Laredo

    Larry McMurtry

  10. Book cover for Comanche Moon

    Comanche Moon

    Larry McMurtry

  11. Book cover for Dead Man's Walk

    Dead Man's Walk

    Larry McMurtry

  12. Book cover for The Water Diviner

    The Water Diviner

    Andrew Anastasios

    Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios

  13. Book cover for A Season of Secrets

    A Season of Secrets

    Margaret Pemberton

  14. Book cover for Reap The Harvest

    Reap The Harvest

    Margaret Dickinson

  15. Book cover for Plough the Furrow

    Plough the Furrow

    Margaret Dickinson

  16. Book cover for The Londoners

    The Londoners

    Margaret Pemberton

  17. Book cover for Magnolia Square

    Magnolia Square

    Margaret Pemberton

  18. Book cover for Coronation Summer

    Coronation Summer

    Margaret Pemberton

  19. Book cover for Mrs. Hemingway

    Mrs. Hemingway

    Naomi Wood

  20. Book cover for The Miniaturist

    The Miniaturist

    Jessie Burton

  21. Book cover for The Gardener's Son

    The Gardener's Son

    Cormac McCarthy

  22. Book cover for Pride of the Courtneys

    Pride of the Courtneys

    Margaret Dickinson

  23. Book cover for Portrait of Jonathan

    Portrait of Jonathan

    Margaret Dickinson

  24. Book cover for Beloved Enemy

    Beloved Enemy

    Margaret Dickinson

  25. Book cover for Brackenbeck


    Margaret Dickinson

  26. Book cover for Abbeyford


    Margaret Dickinson

  27. Book cover for Abbeyford Inheritance

    Abbeyford Inheritance

    Margaret Dickinson

  28. Book cover for Abbeyford Remembered

    Abbeyford Remembered

    Margaret Dickinson

  29. Book cover for Beyond the Veil of Tears

    Beyond the Veil of Tears

    Rita Bradshaw

  30. Book cover for Christmas Fireside Stories

    Christmas Fireside Stories

    Margaret Dickinson

    Annie Murray

    Diane Allen

    Rita Bradshaw

    Mary Wood

    Pam Weaver

  31. Book cover for For A Father's Pride

    For A Father's Pride

    Diane Allen

  32. Book cover for Proud of You

    Proud of You

    Mary Wood

  33. Book cover for Tangled Threads

    Tangled Threads

    Margaret Dickinson

  34. Book cover for Twisted Strands

    Twisted Strands

    Margaret Dickinson

  35. Book cover for Sing As We Go

    Sing As We Go

    Margaret Dickinson

  36. Book cover for Spartan


    Valerio Massimo Manfredi

  37. Book cover for The Last Legion

    The Last Legion

    Valerio Massimo Manfredi

  38. Book cover for Before the Fall

    Before the Fall

    Juliet West

  39. Book cover for The Undesirables

    The Undesirables

    Dave Boling

  40. Book cover for A Mersey Mile

    A Mersey Mile

    Ruth Hamilton

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