Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson series

Kill Zone

First in a non-stop-action series of ‘Sniper’ thrillers, by an author with first-hand experience

Dead Shot

The two best snipers in the world... The first shot wins... Usually

Clean Kill

The enemy is on target. The time to strike is now . . .

Act of Treason

The thrilling new adventure from the authors of Kill Zone, Dead Shot and Clean Kill

Running the Maze

The fifth novel in the bestselling sniper series

Time to Kill

The sixth book in the action-packed sniper series

On Scope

The next action-packed adventure from Gunnery Sgt Jack Coughlin

One Hit

The eighth novel in the New York Times-bestselling Sniper series

Long Shot

The ninth sniper novel in the bestselling Kyle Swanson series, from Gunnery Sgt Jack Coughlin.