The Kingsbridge Novels

Pillars of the Earth

Spellbinding and mesmerizing, Ken Follett’s classic masterpiece is beloved throughout the world. In medieval England a resourceful monk strives to build the world's greatest Gothic cathedral.

Pillars of the Earth

Mesmerizing in its scope, Ken Follett’s classic novel is beloved across the world. In medieval England, a resourceful monk strives to build the world's greatest Gothic cathedral – and will let nothing stand in his way . . .

World Without End

1327. In a world swept by change, one day will change the lives of four children forever. World Without End is the stunning follow-up to international bestseller The Pillars of the Earth.

Column of Fire

Ken Follett’s third novel in the Kingsbridge series, A Column of Fire, returns to the setting and story that began, and continued, in the multi-million copy bestsellers The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. Christmas 1558, the world is in turmoil as a new queen takes her throne and one man pledges to protect her life at all costs.

Evening and the Morning

The thrilling novel from the No.1 Internationally bestselling author Ken Follett. An epic, addictive historical masterpiece that begins in 997 CE and is set against the background of the medieval church and one man's ambition to make his abbey a centre of learning.

Armour of Light

Taking the reader straight into the heart of late 18th century Europe and the Industrial and French Revolutions, the fifth novel in the ground-breaking Kingsbridge series, The Armour of Light, is No. 1 international bestseller Ken Follett’s most ambitious novel to date. Epic, addictive and page-turning fiction at its very best.