Book cover for House of Small Shadows

House of Small Shadows



10 October 2013
384 pages
Imprint: Pan


As a ritual exercise in entrapment, both in the past and the present, a kind of hymn to how all our histories - vast and petty - constrain us, House of Small Shadows is often nothing short of mesmerising.
In House of Small Shadows, Adam Nevill explores a primal modern phobia - the fear of dolls and puppets - and spirals off into an exploration of a long-forgotten English folk tradition that is eminently believable at the same time as it is horrifying. A wonderfully creepy and disturbing novel.
Adam Nevill is a fantastic storyteller, a master of slow-building tension, and he's written a fever dream of a book. House of Small Shadows is chilling, disorienting, and deeply creepy. It has the feel of a cult classic, something horror fans will still be reading with immense delight fifty years from now.
Modern storytelling...and old school terror. Very scary, highly recommended.