Last Days

Adam Nevill

2013 Winner

British Fantasy Award Best Horror Novel

05 June 2014
544 pages


An unnerving, terrifying novel from a master of horror, Adam Nevill.

The Temple of the Last Days. A brutal, infamous cult with a grotesquely violent history of murder, sex and occult dealings that destroyed itself during one night of ritualistic violence decades ago.

Strapped-for-cash indie filmmaker, Kyle Freeman, embarks on a project to unravel the cult's bloody history. Little does he know, this voyage will plunge him into an abyss where dark reality melds with the inexplicable supernatural.

From London, through France, to Arizona, Freeman is haunted by uncanny events, out-of-body experiences and a disturbing presence. When they discover the power of the cult's terrible legacy, and that it may be too late for them to escape . . .

'Will leave you sleeping with the lights on' – SFX

'Fast becoming Britain's answer to Stephen King' – Guardian

Taking its cue from real-life cults Last Days is an effectively creepy novel that will leave you sleeping with the lights on.
His previous novel was the superb The Ritual, but with Last Days he's gone one better. This is riveting, and Nevill is fast becoming Britain's answer to Stephen King.
There are books that spark the imagination. Last Days lit a bonfire. Spooky, eerie delight. This one made me perk up at unfamiliar noises and to examine the shadows a little more closely. Nevill should be ranked up near masters like Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. This is what a horror book should be.