The CEO Who Lost His Head

Aditya Sinha

12 January 2017
100 pages


Morning Analysis CEO Buster Das has been found dead in his office with his head bashed in.

When unlikely detective duo Sandesh Solvekar and Mona Ramteke make it their mission to catch the reckless criminal, they find themselves knee-deep in Mumbai’s sordid world of dissolute starlets, business moguls and a sell-out media, even as they attempt to deal with a dysfunctional police machinery and their own secret lives. The list of suspects is also turning out to be a headscratcher: there’s the eccentric editor-in-chief; the irreverent dating editor; and several vice-presidents who would kill to be CEO.

A whodunit as wicked as it is irresistible, this is a cracker of a novel that takes Indian crime writing to dazzling new heights.