Book cover for Guns of the Dawn

Guns of the Dawn



02 November 2017
1268 minutes
Imprint: Macmillan Digital Audio


I loved it. One of the best books I've ever read. Imagine Sharpe with a female lead and warlocks – need I say more?
I loved that book so much I read it in two sittings (and it's not short!). It has elements of Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe novels, mixed with Jane Austenesque characters, against the backdrop of war, with a side order of fireball-wielding sorcerers. The lead character is simply wonderful
Tchaikovsky weaves together a story that keeps you hooked with breathless battle scenes, well-drawn characters and an uneasy feeling in your gut that while Marshwic and her red-coated comrades are winning battles they’re slowly losing the war . . . An engrossing story, beautifully told
This is a fantasy novel with muskets, magic, war machines and social hierarchies . . . It’s a credit to the skill of the author that both the world and the characters contain plenty of surprises