Book cover for Lost in the Never Woods

Lost in the Never Woods

Age 12 +



04 August 2022
320 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


A poignant novel about resilience, the magic of childhood, and the impossible choices that survivors often have to make in order to move forward, this will haunt readers long after they put it down but will also leave them looking up at the stars
Absolutely delightful! Lost in the Never Woods is chock-full of suspense, excitement, and nostalgia. Peter Pan is as thrilling and seductive as ever, and Thomas’ heartfelt tale feels as ageless as the legend himself.
Thomas’s immersive prose and nuanced, trauma-informed perspective add real depth to Barrie’s classic characters. Readers of Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series and Laura E. Weymouth will settle into this emotionally generous update.
Thomas brilliantly creates a malevolent tone to what should be a safe small town, crafting a feeling that something terrible is just around the bend.... Characters are well-developed with surprising and emotional story arcs which will leave readers looking at Peter Pan in a whole new light. A captivating mystery that will ­ensnare those who enjoy retellings and ­stories with a touch of magic.