Book cover for Cemetery Boys

Cemetery Boys

Age 12 +



04 August 2022
352 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


Cemetery Boys is necessary: for trans kids, for queer kids, for those in the Latinx community who need to see themselves on the page. Don’t miss this book.
Aiden Thomas' debut novel can't help but charm and captivate readers of all ages, though teen readers will invariably identify with and appreciate the high jinks and emotional vulnerability that make each character and scenario deliciously enchanting.
Thomas injects the queer paranormal romance genre with a fresh shot of lavishly detailed Latinx culture, blending in Mayan, Mexican, Central American and South American traditions while commenting on cultural appropriation, deportation and class.
This book is magical, tender, loving, and so so so important. I love it with all my heart.