Love and Obstacles

Aleksandar Hemon

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05 March 2010
224 pages

‘If there is a more inspired writer of fiction than Aleksandar Hemon currently at work in English, I haven’t read him. Startlingly fresh and original . . . Read and rejoice’ GQ

The explosive perils of adolescence, a country falling apart, the overwhelming vertigo of striking out abroad: this is life in which love is only one of many obstacles. From Sarajevo to the darkest heart of Africa, deepest Slovenia, and the melting pot of Chicago, this brilliant and restlessly inventive collection is shot through with humour and truth – found in the most surprising of places.

‘Eccentric, witty and alive with compassion’ Observer

‘Much of the wonder here is in his swaggeringly supple prose, which is by turns delectably lavish and blunt . . . Some of the richest delights in contemporary fiction, as well as some of the best jokes’ Guardian

‘Crackles with wit and dances with invention’ Independent

‘Infinitely vibrant and alive’ Financial Times