Wow! Robots

Andrea Mills

Illustrated by Ste Johnson

Ages 5 to 9
18 February 2021
32 pages


Discover an amazing world of robots and learn about science's best helpers, the tasks they do and if robots will really take over the world!

Written by Andrea Mills with fun, interactive illustrations by Ste Johnson, Wow Robots is packed with amazing facts about all things robotic. Meet the robot who greets you on holiday, a robot who can perform surgery and one that breathes fire. Go behind the scenes and discover bot-building scientists, how robots are created and what the robot world may look like in the future.

Wow! is a fantastic series not only filled with the best and most amazing facts about popular science topics, but each book also includes beautiful illustrations with fun and interactive artwork clues that lead readers through the book and stimulate discussion. This appealing series is certain to make readers say 'Wow!' over and over again.