A Wartime Secret

Annie Murray

09 March 2017
95 pages


A Wartime Secret is the moving short story of a family torn apart by war, from bestselling author Annie Murray.

Some lies are harder to hide . . .

Grace and Ted Chapman married at the beginning of the war, but then Ted was called up to fight . . . Grace was left alone, fearful that her beloved Ted would never return. With the passage of time, Grace began to create a new life and found comfort in the arms of another man. Then along came the birth of a little girl, baby Barbara.

One morning, Grace receives a telegram out of the blue, she learns that Ted is alive and on his way home. News of his return sends Grace into a sick panic and she begs her sister Joan to look after her daughter. When Ted returns back to Birmingham, he is shell-shocked and fragile - all the while Grace is tormented.

Just how far is Grace willing to go, in order to protect her secret?

A tender romance with a warm heart, an authentic sense of time and place and a gritty streak of realism...guaranteed to delight Murray's ever-growing army of fans
This epic saga will have you gripped from start to finish