Homecoming for the Chocolate Girls

Annie Murray

01 February 2024
400 pages


1946: The war might be over, but for the Gilby family there are still battles to be fought at home . . .

For Birmingham and the Gilby family the war years have been a time of great change. With husband Len having left her for another woman, Ann Gilby is finally free to follow her heart. While the neighbours may be scandalized by having a divorcee in their midst, Ann is determined to rise above the local gossip and make a happy home with her former sweetheart, the father of Ann’s youngest child.

Daughters Joy and Sheila are lucky enough to have their menfolk back home, but Joy’s husband has returned a broken man from his experiences in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. And Sheila’s husband is finding his wartime adventures and travels have made Birmingham feel small by comparison.

Then there’s Anne’s youngest child, Martin, who is still coming to terms with learning who his real father is, as well as having secrets of his own . . .

From Annie Murray, the bestselling author of Secrets of the Chocolate Girls and Wartime for the Chocolate Girls: Homecoming for the Chocolate Girls is the heartfelt and dramatic conclusion to this gritty family saga about love, war and chocolate . . .

'A portrait of four generations of a Birmingham family as they struggle to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of World War Two. With intimately drawn characters grappling with emotional dramas, this is a writer at the top of her game.' - Joanna Toye, author of The Shop Girls

A heart-warming tale of friendship and family
This warm-hearted and gritty chapter for the Chocolate Girls packs in all those ingredients – relationships, romance, the uncertainties of wartime and human compassion – which have made this series such a delicious treat for all saga fans