Secrets of the Chocolate Girls

Annie Murray

03 February 2022
416 pages


September 1940, Birmingham.

While her husband and daughter work at the Cadbury’s Bournville factory, Ann Gilby has her hands full at home with her youngest child Martin and her other daughter, Sheila, newly returned home with baby Elaine. With Sheila’s husband away doing his bit in the RAF, Ann knows she should be grateful to have all her children safe under one roof. But as bombs fall ever-closer to her Birmingham home, she can’t help but fear for their uncertain future. Part of her yearns for the carefree days of her youth when she also worked the line at Cadburys, filling trays of chocolate shells.

But mostly Ann tries not to think of the past at all, since that would mean she would have to confront her oldest secret – one she’s kept since the last war, and that could easily rip her family apart . . .

From the bestselling author of Chocolate Girls and The Bells of Bournville Green comes another gritty family saga about love, war and chocolate . . .

This heartwarming story is a gripping read, full of drama, love and compassion

This epic saga will have you gripped from start to finish

A tale of passion and empathy which will keep you hooked